Welcome to WuBook’s documentation!

That’s the right place to discover the wubook’s technical documentation.

  • Wired Api : To connect your own PMS/Booking Engine to our channel manager

  • Online Reception: To get technical info about integration of our Booking Engine on your site

  • Fount: To build a multi property Booking Engine connected to different WuBook account

  • WooDooApi: To connect your OTA/portal to our channel manager

  • Zak API: To connect your program (Point of sales, accountancy, keylocks..) to our new PMS


If you need to contact us:

  • Sales, Pre-sales, Accounting, Zak API: http://en.wubook.net/contacts/

  • Developers (for Wired API): help-wired _AT_ wubook _dot_ net

  • Developers (for Zak API): zteam-kapi _AT_ wubook _dot_ net

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