Zak API to read extras

These API allows you to read the extra services of your property.

Get extras

This method provides the extra services of a zak property.
Response-data: list of extras.
For every extra, the following data is provided:
Field name Description
name name of the extra
price public price of the extra
vat VAT (percentage) of the extra
cost cost of the extra
tags list of tags associated to the extra


On each example 123456 is used as api-key which is sent as user.


$ curl -u 123456: -X POST
      {"name": "mountain bike", "price": 99.5, "vat": 10.0, "cost": 40.0, "tags": ["sports", "outdoors"]},
      {"name": "spa service", "price": 150.0, "vat": 7.0, "cost": 60.0, "tags": ["relax"]},

python code:

import requests
uspw=(123456, None)
data= {}
response='', data, auth= uspw)