Wordpress integration

Here it is! With the new online reception comes the new WordPress plugin. Let’s find out how to install it and configure it.

Before doing that

WuPress is a WordPress plugin used to display the WuBook’s widget on your website.

It can also provide a shortcode to display an iframe which displays the online reception.

Things to Know Before Installing WuPress

Before you begin the installation, there are few things you need to have and do.


  • Access to your web server (via shell or FTP)

  • An FTP Client

  • Your web browser of choice


  • Download and unzip the plugin package there . You can download our open project ‘wupress’ from Github too..

  • Upload the “wubook-onliner” folder in the /wp-content/plugins/ folder

  • With your FTP program, upload the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online

  • Go to Plugins screen and find the WuPress plugin in the list

  • Click Activate Plugin to activate it

  • Go to Settings -> WuBook and configure it (see the Configuration section below before the next step)

  • Go to Appearance -> Widgets and place the widget as you like

That’s it.


In the WuBook Settings panel, you can set all parameters to customize the widget and the online reception.

Lodging code:

It is the most important parameter and it is the only one that you must change. The default code is the lodging code of our demo structure: if you don’t change this, the reception will NOT show your online reception and you will NOT receive any reservation! You can retrieve your lodging code in the Extranet of WuBook.

Width: The width of the widget (integer). Default value is 200.

Height: The height of the widget (integer). Default value is auto.

e-Mail: Show the feedback form in the widget (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Cancellation: Show the cancellation form in the widget (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Language: The language, no param means auto-detect.

Dates: Dates selection (dates selection is not mandatory to open Online Reception), 0 or 1. Default is 1.

Failback language: Just in case language is not specified and server cannot detect the language: this language will be used.

Background color: Background color. Default is #E7F2E7.

Font color: The fonts color. Default is #003D18.

Cards: Show cards icons (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Google integration: Google Analytics enabled (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Best price: Shows the Best Price icon (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Bids: Show the Bids Icon (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Layout: Use a specific theme (optional).

CSS: Inline css to fully customize the widget (optional). Example: css=”a {font-size: 100px}”


The shortcode is a new feature: this allows to put the widget or the online reception inside the content of a page/article. How does it work?

Just write [wb] to display the widget with the same options that you have configured.

If you want to display the online reception in a page (for example a “Book now!” page), you can write [wb iframe=”Y”]. You can also pass as parameters the width and height settings. A complete example: [wb iframe=”Y” width=”600” height=”600”]

Default parameters are:

iframe= “N” width= “840” height= “auto”

Parameters are optional.

Good luck!