fetch occupancy

To get the occupancy for every room we’ll use this function

fetch_occupancy(token, lcode, rcode)


fetch_occupancy(token, lcode, rcode)

If we have an identification code for a reservation, you can use this code as rcode. The result of this is that you will obtain this datas:

Result Description
booker The identification of the customer associated to this room
adults Number of adults in the room
children Number of children in the room
first_name First name of the booker
last_name Surname of the booker
reservation rcode or identification code of the reservation
room room code or identification code, useful to search details of this room
customers list of identification codes of customers. In here there are all customers of this room
dfrom date of check-in of this room, shown in unix time
dto date of check-out of this room, shown in unix time