Integration of online booking and Google Adwords

If you implement marketing campaigns with Google Adwords and you want to monitor in detail the number of conversions from the online booking, you’re in the right place. This guide will lead you in the integration of Google AdWords on WuBook online booking.


Here it is assumed that you have already set up Google Analytics on WuBook. You can do it at How to use Google Analytics into WooDoo Online Reception. It is also assumed that Google Analytics and Google Adwords are already connected and configured properly.

Remember that Google’s data is not updated immediately and may take up to 24 hours.


To configure the integration, you must specify three technical configurations:

  • Conversion ID

  • Conversion Label (default value: Purchase)

  • Color conversion (default value: black)

The only essential configuration is the Conversion ID: please refer to those who follow your AdWords campaign or read this page to determine what values to set.


Once you configured everything, WuBook will start to track conversions: in simple terms, it will begin to track the customers who clicked on your ad and then completed a book on your website.

Good luck!