Iframe: embedding the online booking on your pages

Consider the WuBook JS Lib

Before implementing the Online Reception on your website (by using GET/POST), please consider WuBook’s JS library, it’s lite and very easy to use. It includes an iframe implementation too. See Online Reception: WuBook’s Javascript Library

The Online Reception is fully compatible with iframes and you can open it without using the JS library. All you need is to create an iframe element on your page and set URL https://wubook.net/wbkd/wbk/?lcode=1234567890 as its src. The unique mandatory parameter is the lcode and it’s the Property Identifier Number. To see the full list of possible parameters, please refer to Online Reception HTML Specification.

Using GET variables to set initial dates for the Online Reception in an iframe

You may use a GET query to determine initial dates to open the Online Reception; this way, you will provide a natural URL for your website’s visitors. So, if you design the iframe on the page /foo/bar, you can use /foo/bar?dfrom=today&nights=2.

Again, you’ll find every single optional params here: Online Reception HTML Specification.

It’s easy as 1 2 3!