We don’t require any certification. The Wired API is not restricted with commercial/political policies. That’s because we trust partnerships and we want WuBook to be useful to everyone.

We just require a registration with two goals:

  • Control: we need to eventually and temporarily block a provider if it damages the environment. For example, it once happened due to a buggy client-side implementation: several providers produced a sort of DDOS by compromising (slowing down) the Wired service. By maintaining a control over each provider, we will are able to prevent such inconveniences to our public.

  • Communication: we want to stay in touch with you. And sometimes we need it. For example, it happens (although rarely) that improvements on the server side are not backward compatible. In such cases, we always notify our partners with the maximum advance. Moreover, we also want to communicate our improvements.

Notice that WuBook applies Anti Abuse Policies. So, although accreditated, by producing abuses, your connection will be blocked. Please, check the Policies against abuses.

To become an accreditated provider for Wired, you need to contact us. We will give you a Provider Key which will be used, client side, to have access to the Wired functions (check also the Wired Authentication section).

Please, if you want to become a provider, send an email to help-wired - AT - wubook - DOT - net. Very important: during the requests, kindly describe your plans. Why do you want to use Wired? How will you use it? What about your commercial layer? Thanks!