Notation: Version MAINVERSION.MINORVERSION Changes inside the same MAINVERSION are back-compatible

Version 1.1
  • new support for additional attributes (see custom_key in Data Reading and Data Update)

  • allow missing keys in Data Reading response when the value is not initialized in Channel extranet

Version 1.2
  • new support for complex occupancy model. Now a specific number of guests can also be represented by different types of occupancies. get_rooms , get_data and update_data have been modified accordingly.

Version 1.3
  • new support for channel model in which availability is at room-rate level instead of room-level

Version 1.4
  • get_rooms response modified, to better manage different occupancy models.

Version 1.5
  • new codification for error codes.

  • new keys (not mandatory) added in reservation data

Version 1.6
  • Custom fields: possibility to manage them both at room level and at room-rate level

Version 1.7
  • Not mandatory field booking_id added to reservation push notification Version 1.7

  • Not mandatory field booking_id added to reservation push notification

Version 1.8
  • New service “Reservations confirmations”

Version 1.9
  • Custom fields: now it is possible to specify a subset of room (or room-rates) for which a custom field is applicable.

  • Not mandatory field departure_hour added to reservation info.

Version 1.10
  • New error code for price/availability out of range.

  • “occupancy” added in reservation structure in case of “advanced occupancy model” (not mandatory)

  • New chapter “Integration Workflow”

Version 1.11
  • Now it is possible to send reservations where involved rooms have different checking and/or checkount dates. See paragraph “SPLIT RESERVATION” inside “Booking Retrieval” chapter.

Version 1.12
Version 1.13
  • New fields “type” and “max_avail” in get_rooms response (see paragraph Room List)

  • New fields “readonly_prices” and “readonly_restrictions”” in get_rates response (see paragraph Rates list)

Version 1.14
  • New format for field “utc_offset” in get_bookings response. It’s back-compatible with the previous format (integer)