Error Messages

In case of the server-side issues, the channel should return standard HTTP error codes:

500 Internal Server Error

502 Bad Gateway

503 Service Unavailable

504 Gateway Timeout

In case the request contains invalid data the channel should respond with error code 4XX and error description. The error description can be customized, but the meaning must be respected.

For example, in case of invalid hotel_id the response from channel will be:

  "code": 403,
  "error": "invalid hotel id"

The list of standard errors:

Code Error Description
400 generic error Channel encountered an error that doesn’t match one of the following standard errors
401 property authentication error The request contains invalid property credentials
402 wubook authorization error WuBook is not enabled for the hotel or another channel manager is enabled for the hotel
403 invalid hotel id The request refers to non-existed hotel id
410 invalid room id The request refers to non-existed room for requested hotel
411 invalid rate id The request refers to non-existed rate for requested hotel
412 invalid occupancy The requested occupancy is not valid for the requested room_id for requested hotel
420 Request parsing error An error occurred in request parsing
421 Price/availability out of range Value of price or availability overtakes the limits set on Channel
430 Reservation confirmation failure An error occurred while processing the confirm_bookings