Connecting a new property

When a customer wants to connect his property on the Channel with the one on WooDoo, there is a standard procedure to follow. Before to start, the property must be already registered both on the Channel and on WuBook, then the procedure of connection begin on WuBook side. Typically, there are two possibilities:

Case 1. The channel needs to enable the property to access the API

Case 2. All properties are enabled by default to access the API, with the condition to use the appropriate credentials provide

by the Channel. Two sub-cases:

Case 2.1 The customer already knows his credentials

Case 2.2 The customer knows only his Channel Hotel ID, but other credentials are required.

In Cases 1 and Case 2.2 the procedure of connection is the same. The steps are the following:

  1. The customer fills a form on WuBook, specifying his Channel Hotel ID (unique identifier of the property on Channel side).

  2. WuBook sends an email to the Channel in order to request to enable the property to access the API. The email contains the Hotel ID provided by the customer. The Channel have to provide the email address where to send the request.

  3. Channel replies to the email and, if necessary, provides the credentials required to access the API.

  4. WuBook enable the connection on its side and notify the successful completion of the procedure of connection.

In Case 2.1 the procedure of connection is very quick. The customer fills a form on WuBook providing all credentials required by Channel to access the API. After that the connection is immediately active and ready to be used.

Please communicate to WuBook if the procedure to connection of your Channel doesn’t belong to one of the cases listed above, and in that case provide the information required for the specific case.

If you need to follow a different procedure, please describe it.