Zak API to read guests

These APIs allow you to read the guests data of a zak property.

Get guests by reservation date

This method provides guests data who have booked on a certain date.
Input fields: date
Response-data: list of guest data.
For every guest are provided the following data:
Field name Description
name Guest name
surname Guest surname
rcode Reservation code
rstatus Reservation status
email Guest email
date_from Guest arrival date
date_to Guest departure date
arrived Guest is arrived (ture or false)
left Guest is left (ture or false)
gender Gueste gender (m, f, x)
country Guest country ISO code (IT, ES, ..)
phone Guest phone number


On each examples 123456 is used as api-key which is sent as user.


$ curl -u 123456: -X POST \
  -d date=20/08/2018
{"data": [{
  "name": "Carl",
  "surname": "Gauss",
  "rcode": "CG-0001",
  "rstatus": "confirmed",
  "email": "--",
  "date_from": "14/11/2018",
  "date_to": "21/11/2018",
  "arrived": true,
  "left": true,
  "gender": "m",
  "country": "DE",
  "phone": null},

python code:

import requests
data= {'date': '20/08/2018'}
uspw=(123456, None)
response='', data, auth= uspw)