Zak API to read payments

These APIs allow you to read or insert payments on a zak property.

Get payments

This method provides payments of a zak property.
To prevent overflow, the maximum limit of records is 100.
The following input fields are all optional:
If dfrom filter is passed, it return payments with date>= dfrom.
If dto filter is passed, it return payments with date<= dto.
If canceled filter is passed, it return payments that have been cancelled.
If rcode filter is passed, it return the payments of the reservation.
If pay_type filter is passed, it return only the payments of the indicated type.
Response-data: list of payment data.
For every payment are provided the following data:
Field name Description
date date of payment
off the payment have been cancelled (cancellation date)
payed the payment have been payed (payment date)
value payment amount
type payment type (‘Cash’, ‘Credit Card’, ‘Bank Transfer’, ..)
team_user who entered the payment
remarks notes wrote on the payment
currency payment amount currency
invoice_num invoice number
invoice_prefix prefix of invoice (it could be blank)
invoice_date invoice date
agency_name if the payment was made by an agency
corporate_name if the payment was made by a corporate
rsrvs reservations linked to the payment


On each examples 123456 is used as api-key which is sent as user.


$ curl -u 123456: -X POST \
  -d rcode=CG-0001
{"data": [
  {"date": "18/01/2019", "off": "", "payed": "18/01/2019", "value": 200.0,
  "type": "Cash", "team_user": "", "remarks": "volta la carta 200\u20ac",
  "currency": "EUR", "invoice_text": "", "invoice_num": "", "invoice_prefix": "",
  "invoice_date": "", "agency_name": "", "corporate_name": "", "rsrvs": "KG-0003"}

python code:

import requests
uspw=(123456, None)
data= {'rcode': 'CG-0001'}
response='', data, auth= uspw)

Do payment

Enter a payment record on a zak_property.
Payment Form is represented as JSON object
Input fields:

The following fields are mandatory:

Field name Description
pay_type Name of one pay_type
value Amount of the payment

The following fields are optional:

Field name Description
date Payment date
remarks Notes text
rcode Reservation code
payed 1 or 0 (payment has been payed)
currency payment amoun currency
year_inv year of payment invoice
num_inv number of payment invoice
prefix_inv prefix of payment invoice
It is mandatory to send the rcode or number and invoice year,
they can not both be omitted: ‘invoice or reservation must be provided’.

Response-data: ‘payment done’.



curl -u 123456: \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST \
  -d '{
    "pay_type":"Credit Card",
    "remarks":"Reservation payment",

{"data": "payment created"}

python code:

import json
import requests
data= {
  "pay_type":"Credit Card",
  "remarks":"Invoice 5/2019 payment",
uspw=('123456', None)
response='', jdata, auth= uspw)