Zak API to get revenue information

These APIs allow you to get revenue information.

Get room reservations

This method provides the revenue information associated to room reservations.

The following input fields are mandatory:

Field name Description
dfrom Starting date for the search
dto End date for the search

Moreover, the following input fields are available and optional:

Field name Description
exclude_boards Exclude board value from the service valueValues: 0 or 1 (default)
keep_service_currency Keep the original currency of the service. Values: 0 (default) or 1
recurring_customer_threshold Number of reservations that define a customer as recurring. Default: 2
search_by_booking_date If set to 0, search by checkin - checkout dates. Values: 0 or 1 (default)
include_options Include options in the results. Values: 0 or 1 (default)
include_cancellations Include cancellations in the results. Values: 0 or 1 (default)
reservation_tags Allows to optionally filter by reservation tag(s), sent as a list
Response-data: list of room reservations.

Each room reservation in the returned list has the following structure:

Field name Description
code Reservation code
source 0 (WuBook), 1 (Zak) or other channel
sourceOther String representation of the source
channelCode List of involved sales channels (may be more than 1). (WEB, DIR, AGE, COR)
created Creation date of the reservation
dfrom Check-in date
dto Check-out date
board Board type assigned to the reservation
amount Service value
currency Currency that corresponds to the amount field
roomCode Reserved room type
roomCodeAssigned Assigned room type
country Customer nationality
adults Number of adults in the room
teens Number of teens in the room
children Number of children in the room
reservationStatus 1 = OK; 2 = OPTION; 4 = CANCELLED
marketCode IND (individual); INDA (recurring individual); GRP (group: more than 1 room)
reservationTags Reservation tags


$ curl -u 123456: -X POST \
  -d dfrom=01/01/2019 -d dto=31/01/2019
    "data": [{"code": "DT-0001", "source": -1, "sourceOther": "Zak", "channelCode": ["DIR"], "created": "06/06/2019", "dfrom": "19/06/2019", "dto": "22/06/2019", "board": null, "amount": 60.0, "currency": "EUR", "roomCode": "TWIN", "roomCodeAssigned": "TWIN", "qt": 1, "country": "IT", "adults": 2, "children": 0, "reservationStatus": 1, "marketCode": "IND", "reservationTags": ['BUSINESS', 'FREQUENT']}]

python code:

import requests
uspw=(123456, None)
data= {'dfrom': '01/01/2019', 'dto': '31/01/2019', 'reservation_tags': ['FREQUENT']}
response='', data, auth= uspw)