Commercial Guidelines

The Zak approach toward connectivity respects the principle of the company.

We do consider a right of the user the possibility to programmatically manage his contents
(data ownership and provider duties).

At the same time, supporting relevant volumes of traffic is a very expensive goal. So, we did
decide to provide the Zak API only for customers activating the Essentials Module.

The activation of the Essentials Module allows the usage of a Property Key. Nothing more
is required. Notice also that we do not provide support for providers. At least genericallly.
If you need support, please, reach our commercial team to discuss about this possibility.

From another perspective, should you be an IT company with commercial plans, needing a PMS
technical partner, we can work with a tailored approach. Studying together solutions and
commercial opportunities, with the goal of a Win-Win context.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: it often happens that bad implementations generate too much volume,
stressing our servers and damaging the zak network. Under such circumstances, we
could block abusing clients.


The WILL BE REPLACED functions will be improved by publishing better calls in the
future. When? We don’t know with precision. However, when improvements will be
available, such WILL BE REPLACED functions will stay for several months before
desappearing, with the goal to sustain the connectivity processes.
Such changes will be communicated in two ways.
Each API KEY can be associated to an email. We will for sure send information to
such email addresses.
Tailored partners (having their own and unique API service) will be informed

Basic URL

To use the api is enough to make a simple POST call to the addresses of our resources.
Starting url:

Field types

Each date field has the European format dd/mm/yyyy.
The data that fills the country field must be 2 characters ISO country code.
The currency fields should contain ISO currency code.


To use our API it is necessary to provide the customer api-key as header in each request.
The Key is generated by enabling the Essentials Module and entering its Settings.

Each of the following examples will be provided with a fake customer api-key 123456.

The customer of the ZaK pms could specify a whitelist of list of IP,
in this case only calls from one of those IPs are authorized.


The response is always an object with one field: data or error.
The error field contains a text that describes the error.
The data field contains the results.

To interpret the symbols that an api returns or to know the symbol
to be sent as input you can get the zak symbols from the api-symbols.


The endpoint test could be used to check your api-key,
it does not require other input parameters.
On the examples 123456 is used as api-key
which is sent as user.

python code:

import requests
uspw=(123456, None)
response='', {}, auth= uspw)
{"data": "Authentication done!"}

In case of error the response key is error and provides an error-description.

import requests

uspw=(654321, None)
response='', data={}, auth= uspw)
{"error": "Authentication error"}

uspw=(123456, None)
response='', data={}, auth= uspw)
{"error": "Wrong api name: tset"}


$ curl -u 123456: -X POST
{"data": "Authentication done!"}