Online Booking for Joomla

If you’re using the CMS Joomla to publish your site, we can provide a package to display the WuBook’s widget and the online reception on it.


  • Download the package from here or from our open project on Github

  • In your favorite browser open the Extension Manager: The install page is usually in the administrator area (usually /administrator/index.php?option=com_installer)

  • In the Upload Package File, choose the correct file then Upload & Install

This operation will install the module used to insert the widget in the website and the plugin that allows you to insert an iframe with the online reception in the content of the website.


First of all, go to the Module Manager: Modules (/administrator/index.php?option=com_modules) and open the module named “mod_wumla”.

There are some differences in the configuration pages between 2.5 and 3.1 versions, but the settings are the same.

  • Set the title as you like (i.e. Booking online)

  • Set the position of the widget

  • Set the status to Published

  • Menu Assignment: set the “Module Assignment” to “On all pages”

  • Set the module “Options” as you need

IMPORTANT: the most important parameter to set in the Options is the Lodging code.

All parameters in detail

Lodging code

It is the mandatory parameter and it is the only one that you must change. The default code is the lodging code of our demo structure: if you don’t change this, the reception will NOT show your online reception and you will NOT receive any reservation! You can retrieve your lodging code in the Extranet of WuBook.

Width The width of the widget (integer). Default value is 200.

Height The height of the widget (integer). Default value is auto.

e-Mail Show the feedback form in the widget (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Cancellation Show the cancellation form in the widget (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Language The language, no param means auto-detect.

Dates Dates selection (dates selection is not mandatory to open Online Reception), 0 or 1. Default is 1.

Failback language In case a language is not specified and the server cannot detect it: this language will be used.

Background color Background color. Default is #E7F2E7.

Font color The fonts color. Default is #003D18.

Cards Show cards icons (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Google integration Google Analytics enabled (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Best price Show the Best Price icon (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Bids Show the Bids Icon (0 or 1). Default is 1.

Layout Use a specific theme (optional).

CSS Inline css to fully customize the widget (optional). Example: css=”a {font-size: 100px}”

In the iframe tab you can set the parameters of the plugin (see the next paragraph).

The plugin

The plugin allows you to put the online reception inside the content of a page/article.

If you want to enable this feature, go to the Plug-in Manager: Plug-ins (/administrator/index.php?option=com_plugins) and enable the plugin named “PluginWuBookRecetion”.

Now you can write {wbiframe} in the content to display the online reception in a page/article.

NOTE: the plugin needs the module enabled and configured.

That’s all, folks!